Today I restarted blogging. I set this blog up on gitub some 3 years back, but never updated it. I was lazy. I had a lot of thought which I wanted to put on blog, but I was lazy. I just thought about them and postponned writing them.

Few months back I realized that I need to change my apparoach towards life. Instead of blaming people or circumstances for any thing which is not going the way I wanted, I should take charge of them. I should enjoy the life and alway be happy.

This helped me alot. Once I changed my outlook and realized only thing I can change is “myself”, I started looking for places of improvemnet. I identified quite a few , bloggining is one of them. So I restared blogging. I will try to publish 2-3 posts in a week.

They will be mostly about how I see things , how I feel about them and some technical stuff.